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We're Here to Support & Grow Your Marketing Efforts!

With over 20 years of combined design, strategy, and content development experience, Grow Marketing + Communications is a woman-owned, small business, that packs a mighty punch. 


Our goal is to help you grow your brand with strategic solutions:


Let Grow support you in developing a marketing strategy that will provide you with the results you need to be successful and see a positive return on your investment.


Brand is key in defining a product or service. Over time, a brand conveys a level of credibility, quality, and identity. Grow can help your business establish your brand.


Creativity demands focus, which can sometimes be lost without a little support. Grow can support your marketing efforts with creativity, a solid strategy,

and a unified plan.

NEW in 2024: Fractional Marketing Services

Beginning in 2024, Grow Marketing + Communications now offers Fractional Marketing Services, often called, fCMO (fractional chief marketing officer). This type of service allows businesses and nonprofits to access strategic marketing expertise and experience of a chief marketing officer without having to incur the full cost of hiring a full-time employee.

Grow specializes in a variety of industries:

  • Start ups

  • Local businesses

  • Family-owned businesses

  • Non-profit organizations

  • Agriculture-based businesses

  • Farmers Markets

Hello! I'm Natalie, the owner of Grow Marketing + Communications.


"I understand what it's like to be busy, to have limited resources, a small budget, and not enough staff. I founded Grow because after more than 20 years of marketing experience (from local government to startups), I know a creative solution exists for every hurdle your business may face. I am here to be both your project manager and your marketing and communications consultant. My goal is to help you stay on track and support the growth of your business."

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